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Faculty Regent Election on Nov. 15-18, UP System-wide; Go out & vote! :)

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The All-UP Academic Employees Union (AUPAEU) calls upon the faculty to cast their votes for the Faculty Regent elections this coming November 15-18, 2010, system-wide.

The new UP Charter (RA No. 9500) states that there shall be, “one Faculty Regent representing all teaching personnel, chosen in accordance with the rules and qualifications set by the constituent university councils to serve a term of two (2) years.”

The AUPAEU believes that the faculty sector needs a representative in the BOR who can take an informed stand on crucial issues affecting the rights and welfare of the faculty and, “has a clear understanding of the role of the faculty as embodied in the UP Charter.” It is therefore incumbent upon us to carefully study the curriculum vitae, track records and proposed plans of action of the top five nominees. The official results of the system-wide nomination round, released last October 19, 2010, is here reproduced. (The two nominees tied atnumber 5 have withdrawn their nominations.) Their CVs and Plans of Action have been uploaded at the UP Website: http://www.up.edu.ph/features.php?i=233

All regular faculty in active service (except lecturers and professorial lecturers) or on official leave are qualified to vote. The voter turnout last 2007 was 54% and in 2008, it was 65%. As faculty members, we should exercise our right to choose our representative to the highest policy-making body of the University. We therefore urge all faculty members to go out and vote!

[Information on the designated areas for secret balloting will be available from the respective units.]

All-UP Academic EmployeesUnion (AUPAEU)

Read/download the flyer here: FR Flyer 2010 System



Berso 11

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Berso 11

Ang buwan ay iyong ngiti

At ang iyong ngiti ay nagpalaya

Ng mga kalapati

Ang mga kalapati

Ay iyong mga daliri

Na humapon sa pugad

Ng dibdib.

Mykel Andrada. Nobyembre 8, 2010. 11:48pm. Via text sa sarili. Iba, QC.

Berso 10

In Berso Serye 2010 | Verse Series 2010, Poetry | Tula on November 9, 2010 at 12:34 am

Berso 10

Minsan, iniisip kita,

na parang alon na humuhuli ng hangin.

Minsan, niyayakap mo ang mga bato sa dagat

at nag-iiwan ka ng masuyong tapik sa buhangin.

Minsan, nananalamin sa ‘yo ang araw,

at nagmumugmog ka ng liwanag,

basang boses na pumapaimbulog

at nananahan sa mga kabibe.

Minsan, nangungusap ka na parang buwang

kumikindat at dumidighay ng pilak na liwanag

at nagpapasingkit sa aking mga mata.

Mykel Andrada. Nobyembre 5, 2010. 9:29pm. Via text sa sarili. Crystal Ship Bar, 20th Avenue, Cubao, QC.