Everything is Quiet in the Other U.P. Campuses

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Everything is Quiet in the Other U.P. Campuses
Mykel Andrada

In ABS-CBN’s coverage of the March 24, 2010 multi-sectoral protest against undemocratic governance in UP, Empress Emerlinda Roman said that “(1) It’s business as usual in UP. (2) As you can see, everything is quiet in the other campuses. (3) I hope they do not think that they have stopped the operations of UP.”

(1) There’s a degree of truth in her statement: that, indeed, she runs the University as if it were a business enterprise. Do a review of related literature and you will find that the empress’ pet name for UP students is “clientele.”

(2) Then there’s this big curly lie: that elsewhere in UP, as empress claims, everything is quiet. Hmmmm. UP students, faculty members, REPS, administrative workers, doctors, nurses, utility workers, deans and directors who protested in Quezon Hall hailed from the campuses of UP Los Banos, UP Manila, UP Baguio, UP Cebu and UP Diliman.

UPLB is protesting the fascism of their Chancellor Luis Rey Velasco, the militarization of the UPLB campus, Chancellor Velasco’s attacks against student institutions and progressive student organizations, including the political persecution of Student Regent Charisse Banez, the proposed full-scale implementation of the large class scheme in teaching foundation and GE courses, the unjust handling of All UP Workers Union – UPLB Chapter president’s job security issue, among others.

UP Manila’s Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Director Dr. Jose Gonzales was undemocratically “ousted” by Empress Roman and her Malacanang bloc in the Board of Regents (BOR) because Dr. Gonzales is against FMAB, foremost manifestation of plans by the UP and Malacanang administrations to privatize PGH.

Students of the different units of UP Visayas are protesting the administration of Chancellor Minda Formacion’s proposal to increase athletics fees and impose laboratory fees for P.E. courses, without due consultation.

UP Cebu students, faculty members and alumni earlier opposed the administration’s plan to phase out the UP Cebu High School.

The UP Diliman contingent continues to protest the political persecution of and denial of tenure of Sociology Professor Sarah Jane S. Raymundo, the unceremonious unseating of Student Regent Charisse Banez, among others.

Time, distance and financial constraints are the only reasons why protesters from UP Mindanao, who earlier called to “End the Roman Empire,” weren’t able to attend the rally. They are protesting, among others, the re-appointment of the Imeldific Chancellor Gilda Rivero, despite the Commission on Audit’s report on the irregularities related to her 2007 investiture expenses.

UP is in crisis. UP is outraged!

(3) Empress Roman, your Freudian slip tells it all: you are very, very afraid of our collective and principled actions.


Photo by Mykel Andrada

Originally posted in my Facebook Notes on March 25, 2010: http://www.facebook.com/notes/mykel-andrada/everything-is-quiet-in-the-other-up-campuses/377668051635


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