Gloria Arroyo’s & Toyota’s Mad Cao; December 2, 2009 Fascism in UP Diliman

In Issues| Isyu on December 3, 2009 at 1:28 am

Chancellor Cao, I’m sure you saw how the Philippine National Police (PNP) brutalized UP students, faculty & administrative staff. You were just there, ogling, inside your new Toyota cultural building. May I remind you that it’s your responsibility to protect the welfare of the UP community. Last time I checked, the word “Chancellor” is still attached to your name. Of course, we did not vote for you. If we were given the democratic right to choose our Chancellor, you know that you will not be in that position.

I guess you were happy with how violently the PNP took care of your community of protesters. Why wouldn’t you be? After all these protesters do not reek in money for UP, unlike your beloved Toyota & George Ty. You are officially a numero uno persona non grata like your idol GMA! And I heard you plan on being the next UP President! Geeeez!

Tingnan mo itong video ng GMA-7. Tingnan mo kung nasaan ka at kung ano ang ginagawa mo. Ikaw pa talaga ang humingi ng presensiya ng PNP. Aba’y talaga nga namang MAD CAO ka!



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